Dave & Harold’s 64 years of combined experience manufacturing vacuums & accessories for the industry, gives us the leading edge in technology to produce the most efficient equipment with the longest service life in the industry.

Here are some of the features you will find on our Power-Vacs:

  • The complete Power-Vac is weather sealed around- clean out doors, door frames, inside the compartments, all butted edges, and anywhere water can start rusting the POWER-VAC.
  • The under carriage is painted with a rust inhibitor paint and all seams are under-sealed.
  • The compartments are entirely enclosed, to keep dust and water out, & prevent equipment loss.
  • Drip rails are over all doors, keeping water out of the tool compartments.
  • The vertically hinged side compartment doors are out of the way while in the open position.
  • Side pipe & hose enclosure doors are standard equipment.
  • DEPENDABLE trouble free two piece drive line.
  • The fan housing scroll is lined with a ware resistant 1/8” Stainless Steel Liner extending serviceable life.
  • The air compressor is geared to obtain approximately 85% of its capacity at normal RPM.
  • Flush tail & backup lights.

    Formed steel fenders have splash guards behind them to keep the mud and water off of the skirts and out of the hose and pipe rack.
  • There are drain spouts in the pipe and hose enclosure for washing it out.
  • There is a side compartment access door to the compressor air-filter & dipstick for servicing.
  • The oil pressure gauge for the compressor is visible in the side compartment for monitoring.
  • Grease zerks for the fan shaft and grease seal are on the exterior surface for easy access.
  • Brackets are standard for mounting a shelf over the pipe and hose enclosure.

  • The back enclosure door is made of aluminum and has one latch for one-hand operation, as does the rear compartment door.
  • The intake elbow is made of steel & swivels right to left, 230 degrees.
  • The fan speed is controlled with a micro locking throttle for exact engine and fan RPM.
  • We use a 41" closed face fan, which equals 30-35% more air at the same RPM than an open faced fan.
  • Stainless steel locks with matching keys.

    The drive train on the compressor and fan is matched to the transmission (Power-take-off) gear ratio. The engine RPM is ideal for maximum fuel economy and extended engine and drive train life, while maintaining maximum vacuum. (VERY IMPORTANT for your bottom line).
  • Tip up ladder Rack.
  • Air Deflector ( keeps the bags from blowing about while in transit).
  • Four air supply locations. (couplers).
  • Rubber inlay is installed on the ladder steps.
  • Parts are normally interchangeable with all look a like units.
  • ALL work, manufacturing, assembly and quality control are performed or supervised by the OWNERS to assure your satisfaction and confidence in our products.
  • Most parts are in stock for same day shipment.
  • WE (DAVE & HAROLD) TAKE PRIDE in every unit that leaves the plant.
  • On the Job Training, Furnace & Duct Cleaning, POWER-VAC maintenance & operation, training materials & ideas to support your advertising are part of every POWER-VAC sale.